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All Warpaints Air are pre-mixed and airbrush-ready right out of the bottle and made from ultra-filtered vibrant pigment. The Warpaints Air range has been developed in a unique and innovative Triad System - each matching Warpaints Acrylics colour has a corresponding Base and Highlight colour. This makes highlighting and zenithal shading a breeze and army painting even faster and more cohesive. To make things easier Warpaints Air comes pre-loaded with two steel Mixing Balls.

 Warpaints™ Air are high-quality acrylic paints with excellent consistency and opacity especially formulated to go into an airbrush. Some colours like blue hues will have a better opacity than yellow hues, for example. Because pigments behave differently from colour to colour, just like Warpaints™. We are constantly working to ensure that our product meets the high standards demanded by hobby painters anywhere in the world, and that the consistency and quality are something we are serious about preserving. 

Shake Well

When you purchase Warpaints™ Air the paint inside might have separated a bit. So before loading your airbrush, you need to shake them like this: 

  1. Shake the bottle hard
  2. Squeeze out a bit of the separated medium
  3. Shake for 30 seconds
  4. Squeeze out a bit of paint to check the consistency, ready to load

TIP: The correct consistency of paints is an individual choice. So if you want to thin Warpaints Air we suggest using Warpaints: Airbrush Medium to get exactly the consistency that gives you the better flow.